October 2021

See what's new in the EcomSolid app this October. 


New Theme Dashboard Interface


To improve your experience in creating & managing Themes, we’ve updated the UI of the Theme Dashboard

  • A new layout that is optimized for quick access and small screens
  • Display banners that keep you updated with our important news & events at the top right corner.
  • Quick guides provide you with 7 articles on the Help Center that were recently updated by our support team. 


Raise your hand if you've questioned where you can create and manage pages from one view. 🙋‍♀️ Now, we have the Pages Dashboard that will help you do that.

  • Click on the page type to quickly create a new page. Choose Blank Page if you don't have a specific type in mind
  • Recent Pages shows the list of pages edited recently.
  • Look at the banner to know our important news & events.
  • Access our community & resources under the EcomSolid channels section
  • Get your hands on eCommerce tips & tricks from our Blog Posts section

Page Templates

Previously, you had to create pages from scratch with the Page Builder. From now on, save time & resources with EcomSolid pre-designed templates. Otherwise, save yours and access it from the Your Templates tab.

Support Online Store 2.0

EcomSolid’s Page Builder now is fully compatible with Shopify Online Store 2.0.

New Article Theme Template

We’ve rolled out a new Christmas Outfit template for Article pages. Sections of this template have also been added to the Library.

Minor Updates

  • The My Backup feature is moved to Theme Templates & renamed as Your Themes
  • Update Page Global Style UI to make it more user friendly

Bug Fixes

We also took extra focus on eliminating bugs in the app! Here are some of the top fixes:

  • jQuery conflict on Page Builder when working with other themes
  • Don’t show the addon after adding it to the editor
  • The page builder doesn’t load product images 

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