January 2022

The EcomSolid team has certainly had a robust month in January. A bunch of new features have been released & expected to bring you more options for page customization. 


Custom Button Addon


This add-on gives you the possibility to customize the Call-to-Action buttons to convert your browsers into buyers. Here are some features that you can use:

  • Place the button anywhere on the page
  • Control over the design of the button (Background, color, text, & more)
  • Choose an action & add animation for the button

New sections

We are very excited to announce that you will now have more options to build and test your pages. We've added a range of sections to the app, including Banner, Topbar, Footer, Content, Collection, Testimonial, Contact Us, Featured Collection, & Compare. Visit Theme Editor > Library to see the 11 latest newcomers.



We hope you find our releases useful. If you need assistance, please contact our agents through Dashboard.

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