How to use the Newsletter section

This article will help you walk through the process and set up the email newsletter on your pages with EcomSolid. 

About the Newsletter

A newsletter is a type of online communication through which you can send news, tips, and updates about your product, business, or services. People must join your email list by providing their email addresses in order to receive these updates. 


A newsletter can help you stay in touch with your visitors, entice them to return to your website, and turn them into customers.



Add the Newsletter section to your page

Step 1: From the EcomSolid Dashboard, head to the Theme Editor or Page Editor.

Step 2:  Access the Library from the top bar of the Editor Page.



Next, navigate to Section > Newsletter. Choose your preferred section and hit “Insert” to add it to your Editor.



Configure the Section settings

Newsletter content

Input your preferred text for the label of the components of the Newsletter including Heading, Message, Placeholder, and Button.



Toggle on the Newsletter Success Preview switch to see how your newsletter works. By turning on this option, you will be able to edit the success message. 



Configure the Design Tab

Navigate to the Design tab to style your Newsletter further.


Select a color or enter a hex color code for the different colors components of your Newsletter. 




Input the number for the font size you want.


Padding and Margin

In the Padding and Margin parameters, each of them has four empty boxes that allow you to fill in the value for four directions: top – right – bottom – left.



Select the animation for your Newsletter from the dropdown menu. You can click on “Preview” to see how the animation works on the live page. 


Where can I view the Newsletter submission?

Kindly navigate to Shopify Admin > Customers, you will find all the valid submissions here. 



Please be noted that the Newsletter only functions on live pages, not the previews. Therefore, please publish the page if you would like to test the signup form.

That's it! If you run into any problems when editing, please get in touch with our Customer Support via email or live chat.

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