How to create Legal pages


This article will walk you through the steps to create a legal in Ecomsolid before linking it to your store’s menu. 


What is a legal page?

A fully functional website means having not only just astonishing content but also adequate required legal content. Legal pages on an online store tend to cover things like terms of conditions, privacy policy, shipping policy, and refunds policy.


With EcomSolid, you can easily create legal pages using the Landing page, and then link them to your store’s menu.


Create a legal page in EcomSolid

Step 1: Go to the EcomSolid Dashboard > Pages > Landing Pages and create a new page.

Step 2: Design your legal page using Section presets and add-ons.

You can use the Custom Text add-on to create text. Just copy and paste your content in the addon’s Content zone in the left sidebar.

If you want a premade template, Shopify offers one for Refund policy, Privacy policy, Terms of service, and Subscriptions policy.

Head over to Shopify Admin > Settings > Legal and click on Create from template. Next, copy the content and use it to create your own policy in the EcomSolid Editor.

Step 3: Once you’ve had everything ready, hit Save and Update Live to publish the page.

Step 4: Click on View Live Page to go to your live page. Next, copy the page URL, which we’ll use to link the page to your store’s menu in the next section.


Link your page to your Header or Footer

Unlike other themes on Shopify, which require you to go to your Shopify Admin to update the menu, you can update your store’s Header or Footer menu right from inside the EcomSolid Editor.

Step 1: Go to the EcomSolid Dashboard and enter the Theme Editor.

Step 2: Click on the Header or Footer section to start linking. 

In this example, we’ll link the page to the Header.

Step 3: On the left sidebar, scroll down to the Menu zone, click on “Edit Menu

Step 4: Enter the name for your menu and hit “Create

Step 5: Hit the chain icon in the newly created menu, a new panel will appear.

Step 6: In the Link field, enter the URL of the legal page you created earlier.



You can also click on “Pick a link” and search for the page’s title in the Pages tab

*Note: Only pages that have been published will show up in this list


Hit “Save

Step 7: When you are happy with the way things look, hit “Save” and “Publish” to bring the menu to your front store!



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