Collection, Featured Collection, and Related Products - Choose your correct section

This article will cover the 3 sections: Collection, Featured Collection, and Related Products to differentiate their uses so you can pick the suitable one and make the most out of EcomSolid.



When you search for “Collection” in the Library, you will see there are two types of Collection presets: Collection (Banner) and Collection (Product List).


Collection (Banner)


The two presets work as static banners placed on your theme and are flexible enough to be placed on any page of your website. When used theme-wise, the content of the banner is static and will not alter from one page to another.

You can use the Collection (Banner) to showcase and introduce your collection's thumbnail, so when customers click on the image, they are brought to the collection page.

Both presets allow for deep customization, namely:

  • Linking image to another page, and opening in new tab
  • All design-wise configurations: Typography, Size, Border, Shadow, Spacing, Animation, Background color, etc.


Collection (Product List)


Unlike the static Collection (Banner) section, the Collection (Product List) section will dynamically change its content based on the current collection being viewed and is used to display all product collections that you have set up beforehand from Shopify Admin.

If you are looking to design your Collection page, use the Collection (Product List) section. Design only once in the Theme Editor for the Collection page and then Update your theme - then, regardless of how many collections you have, the section will display the correct products based on that collection on the front store. 

The left sidebar configurations are maintained the same between the three presets.


Featured Collection


The Featured Collection section allows you to handpick and display a product collection on your front store. Featured Collection is flexible and can be put on any page throughout the whole store. So any collection you would like to promote on your Homepage, Product page, Landing page, or even Collection page, you can always put drop a Featured Collection section there. The left sidebar configurations are the same as the Collection (Product List) section.


Related Products


The Related Products section is only available for the Product page, and it will display all products that are in the same collection as the main product shown in the Product Details section. The left sidebar configurations are the same as the Collection (Product List) section.

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