How to use the Upsell Quantity Discount 2.0 add-on

This article will show you how to use the new Upsell Quantity Discounts 2.0 to boost your sales value. 

About The Upsell Quantity Discounts 2.0

Upsell Quantity Discount is a feature that encourages clients to buy by providing attractive incentives: the more quantity a customer purchases, the lower the price per product.


EcomSolid now offers you a brand new version of the Upsell Quantity Discount add-on, including various pre-designed presets for each page’s type. Moreover, by using this latest version, you will have the option to upsell even on your Cart Drawer or Cart Page



For more information about the previous Upsell Quantity Discount version, check out this article

Add the Upsell Quantity Discount add-on to your page

Step 1: From the EcomSolid Dashboard, head to the Theme Editor or Page Editor.


Step 2:  Access the Library from the top bar of the Editor Page.



Next, navigate to Add-ons > Sales and conversion and look for the Upsell Quantity Discount V2.0 add-on.



Hit “Add” to insert it into your Editor.


Configure the add-on settings

Click on the add-on to reveal the configuration options in the left sidebar.

Display position

Hit the "Pick the position” drop-down menu to select a position from the list. 



Otherwise, click on “Change position.” You will be able to drop the add-on to a specific position on your page.

General settings

Upsell Quantity Discount

To manage the previous discount plans or create a new one, hit "Discount Manager"


After that, there is an opened window where you can see a list of all the discounts created before. Toggle on the switch to turn on your preferred discount items. 



If you haven’t had any discount yet, hit “Create New Discount”. On the right column, you will see a panel where you can set up your new discount plan. 



Minimum quantity: Set up a quantity threshold. The discount will be triggered when the selected product quantity reaches this number.

Percent discount: Set up the discount value in percentage.

Under the Campaign Type

  • Select All to set up the discount for all of your products
  • Select Products to set up the discount for specific products. Choose products by hitting “Add Product” then. After that, check the boxes for products you want to add before completing the action by hitting “Save”.


Element Type

Select a type of widget depending on where you decide to place the widget: 


  • Section Product: The widget can be placed inside a Product section.
  • Product Page:  The widget can be placed on a product page like a separated section.
  • Cart Drawer: Allow you to upsell for the items added to the Cart Drawer. 
In order for the widget can function correctly on the Cart Drawer, kindly make sure that the add-on is moved to Global.
  • Section Cart: Offer customers a discount for the items on the cart page.


Each element type contains a package of presets for you to select. Hover over the preset and hit “Click to change” to switch to another. 


Action Buy Redirect

Decide the destination after customers click on the purchase button: 

  • Cart Page: Redirect to Cart Page.
  • Checkout Page: Redirect to Checkout Page.
  • Stay On Page: Stay exactly on the current page. This will open the Cart Drawer if the add-on is enabled.

More general settings

Click on “More General Settings,” and you will see more options to customize your Upsell Quantity Discount widget, including: 

  • Change background color: Toggle on the Background Color switch and select a color for the widget’s background.
  • Padding/ Margin: Enable the corresponding switch to adjust the Margin/ Padding.



You will see a list of atoms included in the Upsell Quantity Discount add-on. Each atom represents one element of your widget.  Hover over the atom, and click on the Eye icon to hide/show the atom then.



Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team via email and live chat!

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