How to set up Upsell Quantity Discount

About the Upsell Quantity Discount add-on

This add-on is locked for free plan users, please upgrade your account to our professional plan to enjoy the benefits of this amazing feature!

This add-on will allow you to sell more by showing a discount to the users if they buy in larger quantities. It is a good opportunity to make more upsells and also a good trigger for your visitors to take action. 


Some typical locations where you could display this add-on are on the product page or on the collection page. EcomSolid also provides users the unique chance to display it on your cart page, which no other Shopify Apps are able to do!

Setting up the Upsell Quantity Discount

Step 1: Make sure you have your products set up on your Shopify Admin Dashboard and ready to be sold!


Step 2: Open the Visual Editor and click on our "Library" located on the top bar of your page.

Step 3: Click on Add-Ons > Sales & Conversions, locate our Upsell Quantity Discount add-on, and click on add. 

Step 4: On your left sidebar, click on "Edit Campaigns", this will open your campaign manager.

Step 5: Create a new campaign. On the right sidebar of the campaign manager you will be able to: 

  • Give a name to your campaign, 

  • Select the products you want to make eligible for this discount under "Pick Products" or choose to assign it to all your products,

  • Under "Details", you will be able to set up different criteria for your discounts (such as the quantity to reach to be eligible for the discount)

Once you have everything set up correctly, press save and update your theme. 

Step 6: On your left sidebar, click on "Drop Position" to position this add-on where you need it or choose where to place it from the dropdown menu above. Decide whether you would like to display it as a list or as a table and modify the text you'd like to display in the "Settings" section on your left sidebar

Step 7: Reach out to your live store to make sure everything runs smoothly on your website and you are ready to go!

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