How to translate your store

Translating Your Store with EcomSolid 

Unfortunately, EcomSolid currently does not provide any features to set up a multilingual store. You can always edit your text and translate it with the main language you would like to show, using our live text editor


Translating Your Store with 3rd Party Apps

If you are looking to set up a multilingual shop we can recommend you to use one of Shopify's Translation App. We personally recommend you to use these apps:


- Weglot: The best and easiest translation solution for your Shopify website to go multilingual: Weglot Translate detects and translates all your content in any language and provides a unique dashboard to easily edit translations or order professional translations. 


- LangShop: LangShop helps you grow and expand your business by adding new languages to your store. We help you increase revenue and sales by removing the hassle of translating and localizing your entire store. Visitors automatically see their preferred language.


We made it easy for you to integrate your favorite application.

Do not hesitate to contact us via live chat on our homepage in case you are having trouble integrating one of these translation applications.

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