Introduction to Theme Editor 2.0

Since March 2021, we've released a revamped and improved interface for the EcomSolid Theme Editor called Editor V2.



The Editor V2 will improve upon the old Editor in several significant ways.


The ultimate goal is to make it easier for users to interact with our theme, giving you the power to customize the layout as fast as possible.


Some of the changes will be applied automatically.


Some other, more advanced features will only be available to use by:


1. From the Dashboard, go to Theme Editor > the Library.


2. Find the new sections (which will have V2 in their names).


3. Apply the new sections. These new sections will be visually identical to some of the old sections, but they will have extra features for improved usability.


In today’s post, we’re going to go over some of these new features.


By the way, this is only the beginning. Look forward to more updates and new releases from EcomSolid!

1.  Tree Navigation Display For Sections

Note: This feature is currently only available for paid users (users on Professional, Premium, or Trial plans).


The biggest change will be seen once you've applied the new V2 sections to your theme.


These new improved sections will have a tree display that shows off all of their elements in details, such as buttons, texts, or images, etc.


Users can choose each of these elements and change their settings directly.


Premium users can also drag and drop these elements to rearrange them, or choose to hide or unhide them.


This makes it easier than ever to achive the layout you desire.


New tree navigation display for sections

The new tree navigation display shows all elements of a section

2. Iframe Controls For All Sections And Addons

All sections and addons will now have quick shortcut buttons displayed directly above them when chosen.


These buttons allow users to: move, remove, and duplicate sections and addons with only one click.


This feature is available for all users and all sections (both old and new).


iframe controls for all sections and addons in EcomSolid

The new shortcut buttons to control the sections quicklier

3. A More Streamlined Settings Panel

Note: This feature is currently only available for paid users (users on Professional, Premium, or Trial plans).


To make the editor more accessible, all settings of a section are now combined into one tab. The more popular settings are placed on top.


This makes it easier for you to find the settings you need, giving a boost to general efficiency.


This is currently applicable for the new V2 sections.


The settings panel is now more streamlined

4. Other Visual Upgrades

Beyond these new features, there are also a slew of other small tweaks to the Editor and the Library's interfaces.


These upgrades aim to make using EcomSolid a nicer and more comfortable experience for all users.


The Library before the update


The Library after the update


Visit the EcomSolid Theme Editor today and experience the changes for yourself!

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