How to use the Tabs by Station add-on

In this article, you will learn how to add tabs or accordions to EcomSolid in minutes with Tab by Station integration. 

Install the Tabs by Station app

Before we start, you will need to install the app first by following these steps:

Step 1: Install the Tabs by Station app from the Shopify App store by clicking on the “Add app” button and filling in your store domain if needed. 



Step 2: Hit “Install app” after reviewing the permissions.



Step 3: Finalize the in-app settings. Click here for the detailed instructions, or contact the Tabs by Station support team for further assistance. 

Add the add-on to your pages

Step 1: From the EcomSolid Dashboard, head to the Theme Editor or Page Editor.

Step 2:  Access the Library from the top bar of the Editor Page.



Next, navigate to Add-ons > Third-party and look for the Tabs by Station add-on. Hit “Add” to insert the add-on to your page. 



Configure the add-on settings

After that, you will find the add-on has been added to your Editor. Click on the add-on to start configuring the settings. 

Display position

Hit the "Pick the position” drop-down menu to select a position from the list. 



Otherwise, click on “Change position.” You will be able to drop the add-on to a specific position on your page.


You can determine you to determine the width of the tabs/ accordion.

  • Container Full: The review widget will fit the width of your page.
  • Container: The widget will be displayed following the global style.


Kindly note that EcomSolid only fetches the data from the Tabs by Station app to display on your page. Please check the in-app settings if you would like to customize the tabs/accordions.

When everything is in place, hit “Save” then “Update Live.” 


That’s it! If you run into any problems when editing, please get in touch with our Customer Support via email or live chat.

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