How to use the Smart Quick view add-on?

This article will demonstrate the Smart Quick View add-on and how to best use it to boost your conversions. 

About the Smart Quick View add-on

The Smart Quick View add-on enables customers to get a quick summary of the product details without leaving the current page. By using this add-on, customers can quickly view the products they are interested in and either add them to cart or close the Quick View window and continue shopping.


Add the Smart Quick View add-on to your page

Step 1: From the EcomSolid Dashboard, head to the Theme Editor or Page Editor.


Step 2:  Access the Library from the top bar of the Editor Page.



Next, navigate to Add-ons > Sales and conversion and look for the Smart Quick View add-on.



Hit “Add” to insert it into your Editor.

Configure the add-on settings

After that, you will find the Smart Quick View on the add-on list on the left sidebar. 

Please be noted that the Smart Quick View will show on all the pages that contain a Product List by default. If you prefer it to show only on a specific page, click the three-dot button and select “Move to Pages”.

Click on the add-on to start configuring the settings.


Preview: Toggle on this switch to enable the preview version of your Smart Quick View add-on.

Preview Sold out: Toggle on this switch to enable the preview version of your Smart Quick View including the message for sold-out products.




You will see a list of atoms included in the Smart Quick view add-on. Hover over the atom and click on the Eye icon to hide/show the atom then.



How to edit the Quick view button?

Step 1: Click on the Setting Button Quick view under the atom list to reveal the configuration on the left sidebar. 



Step 2: Input your preferred button label into the Text field. 



Toggle on the Icon Before/ After switch and upload your icons to show the icons before or after the text label. 



You also can customize the button further, including Typography, Background, Animation, etc.


That's it! If you run into any problems when editing, please get in touch with our Customer Support via email or live chat.

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