Setting Up A Sidebar To Filter Your Products By Brand or Models

EcomSolid currently does not provide any features related to setting up a filter sidebar. However, you can always use a third-party application that you can integrate into EcomSolid seamlessly.

List Of Third-Party Apps That Work With EcomSolid

  • Product Filter & Search: Create unlimited collection filters by product attributes, variants, tag, meta fields... with different styles to boost your conversion rate

  • Smart Search & Instant Search: Help to optimize the website search experience across all touchpoints of product search & discovery journey to maximize your store conversion up to 19%.

  • Instant Search & Smart Filters: Boost your store’s conversion rates and drive shoppers to the checkout in a convenient and pleasant way.

If you encounter any problem while using these, shoot us a message directly on our dashboard and we will assist you in integrating them on EcomSolid.


List Of Third-Party Apps That Don’t Work With EcomSolid Yet

These apps currently conflict with EcomSolid. We would advise against using these apps for stores powered by EcomSolid.

  • Smart Product Filter & Search: Filter products instantly by price, size, color, tag, vendor, brand, collection, and more. Easy to install and customize your filter menu.

  • Collection Filter & Search Bar: Bring unparalleled search experience, helps shoppers find accurate products and variants to increase the store revenue.


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