Can you update all the article list in a Google XLS file so we can track status, link to help desk of each article, it will be easier to follow up later. 

  1. How to change color of my theme? 
  2. How to enable / disable sticky header --> done
  3. How to update favicon in checkout? 


  1.  how to enlarge my logo on the header --> doing
  2. How to add a custom HTML section into EcomSolid?  --> done
  3. Can EcomSolid theme works with apps from Official Shopify App Store ( --> doing 
  4. Can I purchase ecomsolid for a month, create my theme, publish it, cancel my subscription after the month and my them would continue to work online?
  5. How can I import reviews from Ali express --> recommend them other articles for (ali reviews, and so on)
  6. How do I connect the newsletter section to the mailing list? 
  7. Integrations: How to add personalised custom fields to your product page?
  8. is that possible to migrate the EcomSolid theme to another shopify ?
  9. Can we make separate pages for separate products? --> not we cannot, but recommend ecomsolid
  10. Will this theme free forever? 
  11. How ecomsolid and gem pages works together 
  12. What is different between ecomsolid and gempages 
  13. how can I add a FAQ? --> not supported yet but you can use gempages
  14. How to change order of sections in your page 
  15. How to edit checkout page
  16. How to add custom code to thank you page (follow shoplift tutorial) 
  17. How to increase web page speed?
  1. Why my logo is so small when uploading to EcomSolid?
  2. What is the right size for a logo?
  3. How to change logo size?  
    (same answer but different questions)


  1. How to upload custom fonts 
  2. How do I upload custom font to this theme? 


  1. How to create a sub menu items 
  2. How to add size chart into product page --> use sizechart addon 
  3. How to enable or disable sticky header? 
  4. How to update your section to a latest verion?
  5. Addon: How to setup Upsell Quantity add-on? 
  6. What am I supposed to pay $ 20 a month for?
  7. How to setup legal pages with EcomSolid? --> doing

  8. How can I update my checkout page? 
  9. How to add Facebook pixel code and google analytics to EcomSolid theme? 
  10. How to add Hotjar into EcomSolid theme 
  11. How can I translate text in my store? 
  12. How do I change money / currency format?
  13. How to add custom text into your page? 
  14. How to add custom image into your page? 
  15. How to add a trust badges into your page? 
  16. What happen if I uninstall the app? 
  17. How to remove a section or addons? 
  18. How to remove cookie bar on my website? 
  19. How to add reviews into collection page?
  20. How to translate the theme or store? 
  21. How to create separate product pages for specific products? 
  22. What is banner size for slideshow or Hero banner? 
  23. How to implement Facebook pixel code? And other tracking events :) 
  24. How to change theme languages settings in admin? 
  25. How to enlarge store side width, to make it edge to edge screen 
  26. How can we translate the theme? 
  27. What is different between EcomSolid & GemPages 
  28. I want to increase logo size height
  29. How to delete Vietnamese Dong in currency
  30. Where I can manage my addons? 
  31. How to delete an addon? 
  32. What is best high for header? 
  33. How to remove Countdown timer from cart page? 
  34. Hi there, can you use gemthemes on multiple shopify stores and share templates across them?

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