Publish EcomSolid's Theme on Shopify

Setting EcomSolid as your main theme for Shopify

Step 1: If you have not installed EcomSolid Theme yet, you can download it from our homepage right here:

You will be redirected to Shopify Admin Dashboard and it will ask you to install our app.


Press install and you will be automatically redirected to our main dashboard at


Step 2: On your dashboard, click on "Customize" on the top right corner or on "Theme Editor" on your left sidebar. This will launch our visual editor where you will be able to work on new beautiful pages and use our indispensable features.

Step 3: Once you're happy and ready to launch, click on Publish Theme on your top right corner.


You will be notified that "Your data will be updated to Shopify and become the default theme".


Click on 'Yes, Publish" and your Shopify Store will now use your EcomSolid theme as the main and default theme. All the pages you have modified will automatically be updated.

EcomSolid will update your pages and the content before showing you "Theme Publish Successfully" once the theme has been published.

Step 4: Make sure your store is up and running correctly with our theme by accessing your Shopify dashboard and clicking on "Online Store > Themes". Locate the "Current Theme" section and it should show the EcomSolid theme.

Go to your live store and check if everything is working fine and if you like the display of your website. If not, just go back to our visual editor and update your website when you are done with small tweaks and adjustments.


Add Custom Code on EcomSolid Editor

Instead of having to modify the theme code from Shopify, we made it easy for you to do it directly within EcomSolid's Dashboard.


Step 1: Open EcomSolid's dashboard, and click on "Theme settings" on your left sidebar. Look at the bottom of this page and you should see our code editor. This editor can be used to add a custom header code.

Step 2: Whether you want to add a Google Analytics tracking code, some custom CSS or you are looking to link a script, just copy-paste them in our editor and they will be set-up instantly.

If you are looking to insert some Custom HTML & CSS to some of your pages, we recommend you to follow this article right here: Insert Custom HTML & CSS to your Pages

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