How To Customize The Password Page with EcomSolid

This article will demonstrate the Password page and how to edit it with EcomSolid. 

About Password page

The Password page is a page that adds password protection to your online store.  It helps to reduce the number of people who visit your Shopify online store daily.


Enabling a password page is one of the most effective strategies to limit the number of clients that visit your online store, especially when it is still under construction. You can even set a password and then distribute it to the particular number of people you want to be able to visit your store. 


How to edit, add or remove the password for your online store

Step 1: Go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Preferences.

Step 2: Scroll down until you see the Password Protection section. Check the box “Enable password” to add a password for your online store.

Input your preferred password into the field then.



Step 3: Hit "Save" when finished. 

If your store is under the Shopify free trial plan, it is automatically password-protected. Plus, you won’t be able to remove the password protection for the Shopify Development store

How to edit a password page with EcomSolid

Step 1: From the EcomSolid Dashboard, head to the Theme Editor


Step 2: Click the dropdown menu from the top bar and select “Password page”.


Step 3: Make adjustments as you wish. Don’t forget to hit  “Save” and “Update Live” when finished. 

Configure the Password sections settings

Locate the Password section on the left sidebar of the Editor page and click to start configuring the settings. 


If you don't have one, please go to the Library > Sections > Password and insert your preferred Password section to your page. 


The password page also offers you an opportunity to promote your brand's social media site and find potential customers. 


Toggle on the corresponding switch to enable the Facebook or Twitter sharing icon and enter the link you would like to direct the visitors. 



You will be able to edit the main content of the password page at this point. It also includes a form for visitors to subscribe for updates. 



To add a custom background, hover and click the Pencil icon to upload an image. Otherwise, you can pick an image from the gallery.





Click on Enter Store using Password. There will be a pop-up for you to input the password to enter the store.  Feel free to edit the pop-up content as you wish in this section. 



For more information about the Password page, please check out this article from Shopify.


Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team via email and live chat!

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