Page Customization with EcomSolid

Editing Pages with EcomSolid

With EcomSolid editor, you will only be able to modify the style and look of your major pages.


On EcomSolid's Dashboard click on "Customize" on the top right corner. It will open the visual editor where you can design and modify the appearance of your website.


To edit the global style of your store on the visual editor, click on "Theme Settings" on your left sidebar and you will have access to all the settings and global styles you can modify for your store: 


  • General: Adjust the container (width & height) of your website
  • Color: Set your Primary, Secondary, and Accent colors and choose the colors you would like to use for your background and text. 
  • Font: Set up your primary and secondary fonts
  • Button: Decide which style you want to give your buttons on your store
  • Link: Choose if you want to enable link underline or overline. 
  • Product List: Choose the preset you'd like to display on your website's homepage and set up campaigns for your products. 

Adding pages with EcomSolid

If you are looking to add pages directly from our visual editor, you have two choices. 


GemPages Page Builder

If you would like to create and customize any pages of your website, we recommend you installing GemPages from the Shopify App Store. 

GemPages is a drag & drop page builder developed by us, working perfectly with EcomSolid! No coding skill required, automatic responsive web design, and multiple pre-made templates ready for you to build your beautiful website. Discover all the features it offers right here


Page Manager Feature

Our page manager will allow you to create any type of page and link it to your website effortlessly.


This feature is limited to only 2 custom pages for our free users.


Please follow this article to see how you can use it.


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