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What is the right size for a logo and how to change it?

My Logo Size is Too Small

If you uploaded the logo on EcomSolid and it appears very small on your website, this is often due to:  

  • Too much unnecessary white/transparent space around your logo on the file you uploaded. Keep in mind that even though it is not visible, it is a part of your file and the bigger the space is the smaller your logo will look when you place it in the header. 

What can you do:

  • Try exporting a new file where your logo is almost touching the borders so you can be assured of eliminating as much white/transparent background. 
  • If you are not in charge of designing the logo, you may want to ask your designer to provide you with another version of your logo that does not include so much unnecessary transparent/white space.

Choosing the Right Size 

Choosing the right size for your logo can be a bit of a hassle when you want to focus on your website only. You may want to keep in mind that it can affect the:  

  • Loading speed of your page: If, for example, your logo size is ten times the recommended size, the file size will be huge and will take more time to load all the assets. 
  • Quality of your page: You want to make sure that your logo is not blurry because it's too small. 

The optimal logo dimensions for uploading on EcomSolid are: 250 px (width) x 100 px (height)

How to change the size of your logo 

Right now, you will not be able to modify the size of your logo directly on EcomSolid. However, while designing your logo you can crop and test it until it fits perfectly on the header. 

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