Live Visitor Counter

See how users interact with your website in real-time and display to your visitors so they know that they are not the only ones visiting your website and this will create trust in their mind.

Using 3rd Party Apps

As most of Shopify's third-party apps are seamlessly integrated with EcomSolid, you can go ahead and select the best option for you that enables you to display a live visitor counter on your website. 

Here is a list of apps we think could interest you: 

  • Visitor Counter | Social Proof by Show off your site traffic using Hit Counter for social proof that will help increase conversions! Use it for analytics, to keep track of your store visits.

  • Visitors Counter Increase Sale: This awesome visitor counter will help you boost the value of average orders and sales figures. This app enables you to displays a counter of visitors on IP address. You can increase your sales with Visitors counter APP. You can get another chance to convince them.

  • Livify - Live Visitor Counter: When we’re in a new city we trust the crowd. Stores, pubs, and other social places that are busier than others grab more intention, seem more trustworthy, and worth your while and money. The online world is no different. Livify: Live Visitors Widget creates the same sense of trust and affinity in your visitors – no matter if they see your page for the first time.


Using Custom Code and embed HTML

If you did not know yet, EcomSolid is a very powerful design tool. Indeed, you can customize almost anything you want when you dig into the add-ons and features. 


Using the Custom Code add-on, you will be able to embed both HTML and CSS in your pages. There are free websites that will let you use their scripts to count the number of visitors on your pages. You will need to copy an embed HTML code linking to that script in order to display how it works, let's see the different steps: 


Step 1: Reach out to your preferred tool and copy the embed HTML code from their website. Here is a list of the ones we recommend using: 

For this example, we will use the first website linked above.


Step 2: Copy the embed HTML code and open EcomSolid's Theme editor. 


Step 3: Open the page where you would like to display the live visitor counter and click on Library. 

Step 4: Select Add-ons > Default and scroll down until you locate "Custom Code".

Step 5: in the HTML box on your sidebar, paste the code you have copied from the step above. You can also modify the position accordingly to your needs by clicking on "Change Position" above the HTML box. 

Step 6: You will notice that the visual editor cannot display the live visitor counter and will only display the text inside the embed HTML code. In order to see it in action, save, publish your changes and reach out to your live website. 

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