How to edit text in the Editor


In this article, we will learn how to edit text in the Editor.


Text is a crucial part of any website, especially for an e-Commerce store. Having text helps you connect with your audience, convey to your customers what you offer and how to purchase your products.

In EcomSolid, all text-based atoms are fully customizable with support for Bold, Italic, Underline, Hyperlink, and Color change.

Here are the steps to edit the text in an atom:

Step 1: Head over to your EcomSolid Dashboard, open the Editor.

Step 2: Click on a text-based atom to start editing it.


Step 3: On the left sidebar, edit the text in the Text Editor. The Text Editor is available in all text-based atoms.



In the Text Editor:

  • You can emphasize your content in Bold, Italic, or Underline: Just highlight the text and select the corresponding icon.
    You can also use keyboard shortcuts for this:
    • Bold: Ctrl+B/Cmd+B (MacOS).

    • Italic: Ctrl+I/Cmd+I (MacOS).

    • Underline: Ctrl+U/Cmd+U (MacOS).


  • Hyperlink the text: Highlight the text and select the chain icon:
    Input your redirect link to the URL field. Toggle Open New Tab on to open the link in a new tab, if needed. Hit "Insert" to complete the action.


  • Change text color: Highlight the text and select the “A” icon on the far right, you’ll be able to change the text to a different color. Hit the trash icon to revert to the original color.



Hit “Save” and “Publish” to bring your changes to the live store!


For some section that does not use atoms, the Text Editor is not available. However, you can still edit the text on the left sidebar, as well as access the toolbar by highlighting the text directly on the editing panel.

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