How to use the Live Text Editor

Core feature of any website working hand in hand with your visuals, the text you will display to your customers is one of the most important and converting attributes and will contribute to the success of your website.

Editing Your Text Live

Step 1: On EcomSolid's Dashboard click on "Customize" on the top right corner. It will open the visual editor where you can design and modify the appearance of your website.

Step 2: On the page where you are making some edits, hover over any portion of text. A grey box should appear around your text.

Step 3: Click on it in order to select it and make sure the color changes to yellow and a small box appears on top of it allowing you to modify your text display. (bold, italic, underline, etc...) That means you have successfully selected it and you can now modify your text simply without 

The live text editor function does not work with all the text appearing on your page. The text of some buttons in our presets as well as the text on your menu will only be editable on the left sidebar.

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