How to integrate Opinew Product Reviews

This add-on will work on your collection pages, product pages, and home page.

Installing Opinew Product Reviews App 

Opinews's application code is already implemented in our theme's code. However, in order to function properly, you will need to be linked with your Opinew's account through their application.

If you do not have an account at Opinew yet, you can download the app from the Shopify App Store and come back to this tutorial when you're all set up! 


Adding Star Rating & Reviews widgets from Opinew

This tutorial also works for all pages that you created with EcomSolid.

Simply choose on which page you would like to add Opinew and follow all the steps below! 


Step 1 On EcomSolid's Dashboard, click on "Customize" on the top right corner or click on "Theme Editor" on your left sidebar. 



Step 2: Click on Library to open all Elements implemented in EcomSolid.



Step 3: Click on Add-ons. 



Step 4: Click on Third Party and scroll down to locate Opinew.

Press the "Add" button and the application will be automatically inserted inside your store. 



Step 5: You're almost there! Now you just need to position it. Your left sidebar will allow you to control the settings to display Opinew as well as the features it offers. Click on "Drop Position". 



Step 6: Choose the position where you would like Opinew's widgets to appear. Let's display it below the buy/add-to-cart button. 



Step 7: You choose what you want to display.

  • "Star Badge" will display the star ratings where you placed this add-on and it will also display all the reviews below the product description. 
  • "Reviews" will display directly all the reviews (with pictures), where you placed the add-on. 

You can also decide on the alignment and the size of your container below. 



Step 8: Click on the "Design" tab. From there you can choose the padding and margin as well as the background color of your Opinew banner. 

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