How to integrate Loox (Star Ratings Badge)

About Loox

Loox is a powerful product reviews app on Shopify helping merchants boost their credibility, conversions, and sales with social proofs that looks great. EcomSolid integrates seamlessly with Loox, allowing store owners to add the Loox Product Reviews app to their stores without touching code.


Setting Up Loox (Star Ratings Badge) Add-on

First, you will need to download Loox directly from the Shopify App Store. 

You can then reach out to their extensive Knowledge Base in order to learn more about how to add reviews to your store and how to make the best use of this app.

Once you're done setting everything up on Loox's dashboard, you can then come back to EcomSolid's visual editor and follow these simple steps below.

Adding Loox to Your Store

Step 1: Reach EcomSolid's theme editor and open the "Library" on top of your page.

Step 2: Click on "Add-ons" > "Third-Party" and you will see our Loox's Star Ratings Badge Widget at the bottom of the list. Click on "Add" to insert it. 


Positioning The Add-on

Step 1: Select the position from the dropdown menu on your left sidebar or click on "Drop Position" below it. 



Step 2: Choose the position you like. You can also change the design of the Loox Review in the design section:


Choosing What To Display

Loox's Star Ratings Badge widget offers you the possibility to choose between two different sets of displays: 

  • Reviews: Choosing Reviews will display full reviews made by past customers and will give the user the possibility to write a review directly there as well. 
  • Star Badge: Choosing this display will show the star ratings about this product in a nice and attractive way.

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