How to install EcomSolid on your Shopify store

Installing EcomSolid

In order to install EcomSolid on your Shopify store, you will need to install the EcomSolid Theme Central App, allowing you to update your theme, design new sections, and give a brand new look & feel to your store. In order to do that, please follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Visit our website:, and click on Get It Free Button.


Step 2: Enter your MyShopify Domain into the form. Make sure to enter the correct Shopify domain using the right format. Your Shopify domain should look like this: 



Step 3: Finish all the steps to configure EcomSolid and you will be then redirected to the App's Dashboard where you will be able to start designing right away.





Note 1: If you don't know how to get your MyShopify Domain, please log in to your Shopify Admin, and copy your Shopify domain located in your browser address bar: 



Note 2: If you need to come back to the EcomSolid Dashboard after quitting it, you can always find it in the Apps section of your Shopify Admin Panel. 




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