How to insert Custom Code to your theme


This article will guide you through the steps to customize your theme with coding.
Important note: Modifying your theme code requires coding knowledge. If you are not comfortable with coding, you can always reach out to our EcomSolid Support Team to receive help from experts.


Adding custom code globally

Just like any other Shopify theme, you can access and make changes to EcomSolid's theme code. However, the steps will be done in the EcomSolid panel instead of Shopify Admin.


You can easily insert global tracking & analytics codes on all of your pages, following these simple steps below.

Step 1: Head over to the EcomSolid Dashboard, and click on the Theme Settings tab. 


Step 2: In Theme Settings, you'll find the code panel to add custom code on the right hand side.

Step 3: Once you've done, remember to hit "Save Settings"

By editing the code here. you'll effectively edit the whole theme. If you're planning to edit the code of a single page, see the next section.


Adding Custom Code To A Specific Page

To edit the code of a single page, we'll use the Custom code add-on. See this article for more information on how to use the add-on.


Should you need further assistance, our EcomSolid Support Team is here to help. We can be reached at any time via email or live chat.





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