How to start using the Global Settings section

On the 3rd of August, EcomSolid officially released a “global settings” section, allowing you to set styling options for various elements, including Color, Typo, Button, Form, Responsive, with just a few clicks. We believe that this feature is a huge time-saver and will help streamline your designing process. 

To apply the global settings

Once you open the Ecomsolid theme editor, a welcome pop-up will appear. You just need to click on the “Start Design Now!” button to start applying the global settings. 



If this welcome pop-up doesn't appear, you can click on the cog icon on the right at the button of your page:

To design with the global setting

There are 5 elements that you can customize quickly and easily with global settings:


1. Color: 

  • Customize the brand color, highlight color, background color, and add your own color palette. 

2. Typography: 

  • Change the font, weight, and color of the heading, subheading, button, and paragraph in section presets. 
  • Have multiple options to set up the base size and the line-height.
  • Change the look & feel of your links

3. Button:

  • Custom your button color 
  • Custom your button style

4. Form:

  • Customize the appearance of the elements in the form. 

5. Responsive: 

  • Adapt your theme's dimensions to each device including desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile

After you’re done designing your page using the global settings, you can click on the “Save settings” at the top of your screen to save your work. 



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