Global Style

The Global Style section is an interesting part that EcomSolid built for you to let your design work better and easier than a cakewalk. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly set up your store with Color, Typography, Buttons, Form, and devices to adapt the theme's dimensions.


There are 5 elements that you can customize quickly and easily with global style.


If you want a store color palette that fits your brand story, it is highly recommended that you use the color setting. This element helps you customize:

  • Brand color
  • Highlight color

  • Background color

  • Custom color


Typography design is about much more than simply making the words legible. You can custom the look for all sections below, and have them directly previewed on the left screen.

  • Heading

  • Body & Subheading

  • Custom font

  • Base size

  • Line height

  • Link


Button settings help you style your buttons and make them stand out on the page. Customize them easily with:

  • Button color

  • Button style


Our form provides you with an easy, automatic, and secure solution to gather customer data. Design the appearance of your forms by playing with these options:

  • Input placeholder color

  • Border color

  • Border hover color

  • Border focus color

  • Border radius

  • Border width


Responsive settings help you adapt your theme's dimensions to each device including desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.



Once your Global Style is ready to use, click Save Preset.


That's the end of the Global Style tutorial. Let’s set up yours right away!

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