How to integrate Instagram feed

As of March 31, 2020, the Instagram platform will not use its API.


Each Instagram section will be affected by this, as the access token depends on this system to connect.


We will temporarily stop providing the Instagram section and temporarily you can use the Image Gallery, we designed it to be similar to Instagram so you can replace it at the present time. 


To use the Image Gallery section, you can follow these steps:

Adding the Image Gallery section

Step 1. Reach to the Ecomsolid theme editor and open the “Library” on top of your page.

Step 2. Click on "Sections", search for "Image Gallery", you will find 3 different design styles of this section. Choose the style you want, then click on the "Insert" button. 

Customize the Image Gallery section

Once you get there, you can easily customize both the Content and Design of the section. 


On the Content tab in the left sidebar, you can:

  • Click to each item to change the name; add the image and add the link of each item. 
  • Change the section name
  • Change the number of items
  • Change the number of columns

On the Design tab, you can:

  • Change the height image, spacing, spacing of items
  • Change the section name color, overlay color
  • Change the typography
  • Change the animation

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