Get started with EcomSolid

This article will help you start using EcomSolid by providing a quick overview of the EcomSolid Theme Builder and Page Builder. For an introduction to all the best things EcomSolid offers, here is the article for you. 

Install EcomSolid

Before we start, you will first need to install EcomSolid on your Shopify store. Check out this article for detailed instructions.

EcomSolid Dashboard

After finishing the installation, you will be directed to the Dashboard - the home of your EcomSolid. From here, you can customize your themes, design and manage your pages, and get product updates. For an overview of the EcomSolid Dashboard, click here.

EcomSolid Theme Builder

In general, EcomSolid offers you both the Theme Builder and Page Builder. While the Theme builder provides plenty of pre-designed presets to customize the whole online store with different types of pages, the Page builder gives you full flexibility to create more custom pages, allowing you to be as creative as you desire.

If you decide to use EcomSolid to design your entire store, it's recommended to start with the Theme Builder first.
Please be aware that there's a limitation on the number of themes and pages you can create, depending on your subscription plan. Click here to explore our pricing plan and choose your best fit.

How to use the Theme Builder

Step 1: From your EcomSolid Dashboard, select “Theme Editor” from the left sidebar. 



Step 2: You will be directed to the Theme Editor page. The default page is Home Page. You can start customizing your Home Page, or click the dropdown menu from the top bar and select the page you want to work on.



There are ten types of pages for you to customize except the Checkout page, which is managed solely by Shopify.

Step 3: Finalize designing your page. 

While working on the Theme Editor, don't forget to save your work every 5-10 minutes. Please be noted to open the Theme Editor in only one tab, not multiple tabs simultaneously.

When everything is in place, hit the “Update live” buttons to bring the updates into your live store. 



How does the theme builder work?

By using Theme Builder, the template will be used for all your pages to achieve a consistent look and feel across your entire website.


For example, the Theme builder's Product page template will be applied to all products on your Shopify store. It means that when you access the Product page of product A/ B/ C from your live site, they will use the same design built by the Theme Builder, but the product information, such as product title, description, price, and variants, will be pulled from your Shopify Admin.

EcomSolid Page Builder

How to use the EcomSolid Page Builder

Step 1: From your EcomSolid Dashboard, select “Pages” from the left sidebar. 



Step 2: The Page Builder offers you 5-page types: Home Page, Product Page, Landing Page, Collection Page, and Blog Post. Select the type of page you want to work on. Click to choose a page to edit or hit “Create new page” to create a new page. 



For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a new page with Page Builder, please refer to this article.  

When creating a new page with Page Builder, it’s recommended to enable the option “Include theme’s header and footer”. Otherwise, you will need to create another Header/ Footer for your new page.

How does the Page Builder work?

If you’re looking for a way to create a unique design for your pages, Page Builder will allow you more flexibility. You will be able to create multiple product templates for different products instead of using a uniform look.


Let’s say you create a Product page with Page Builder and use it for Product A. When your customers click on Product A on your website, it will display a different template designed by Page Builder while products B and C use the Theme product template.


Besides, you can create the About Us Page, Contact Us Page, etc., with EcomSolid Page Builder and link to your current store. Click here for further instruction. 


Should you have further questions about the topic, please feel free to explore our Help Center or let us know directly via email & live chat to have them answered!

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