Highlight your collection with the Featured Collection section

This article introduces you to the Featured Collection from the Product List category of sections in the Library.
Before designing your store with the Featured collection section, you need to have your collections set up in Shopify Admin first. Go to Shopify Admin > Products > Collections and set up your collection there. See this article from Shopify for more information.



What is the Featured Collection section?

The Featured Collection section is used to display a static product collection of your choice on a page. Due to its flexibility, the section can be placed anywhere, on any page. You can use it to highlight a flagship collection on the Homepage, or promote upcoming collections/new arrivals, etc.

The main difference between the Featured Collection section and the Collection section is that the latter dynamically changes between your product collections based on the current page, and is mostly used for collection pages of the store. See this article to learn about the differences between the Featured Collection, Collection, and Related Product sections.


Add the Featured Collection section to your theme

Step 1: Go to the EcomSolid Dashboard and enter the Editor. If you would like to use the section for only one stand-alone page, you can also create a single page using the Page builder.


Step 2: Go to the Library, search for “Featured Collection” and select a preset for your section. Hit “Insert” to add the section to your page.


Step 3: You can reposition the section by dragging and dropping it onto a new position on the left sidebar.



Configure the settings

The configuration on the left sidebar is slightly different from one preset to another. However, all 6 Featured Collection presets offer the same deep customization you've come to love:

  • The ability to pick a collection and control how the products are showcased.


Once you've finished designing, remember to hit the "Save" button, and "Update Live", then "Yes, Update" to bring the changes to your front store!



Should you require any further assistance, please contact our EcomSolid Support Team. We can be reached at any time via email or live chat.


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