Create a list of blog posts with the Feature Blog section

This article will demonstrate how to use the Feature Blog to display a list of blog posts on your page.

Add the Feature Blog section to your page

Step 1: From the EcomSolid Dashboard, head to the Theme Editor or Page Editor.

Step 2:  Access the Library from the top bar of the Editor Page.



Next, navigate to Section > Blog. Choose your preferred section and hit “Insert” to add it to your Editor.



Configure the Section’s settings

General Settings

Hit “Pick a Blog” and choose one from the blog list to show on your page. Use the slider or enter the number into the box for the number of articles you would like to show. 



The blog category data will be pulled from your Shopify Admin. Besides the default News category from Shopify, you can navigate to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Blog Posts to create a new category for your blogs.



Click on “More General Settings”, you will see more options to customize your section, including:

  • Background Banner: Select “Image” to add a background image. Otherwise, select “Color.”
  • Background Color: Choose a color from the list or enter a hex color code for the background color.
  • Adjust the Margin/ Padding for the section.
  • Animation: Select the animation for your section from the dropdown menu. You can click on “Preview” to see how the animation works on the live page. 




You will see a list of atoms included in the Feature Blog section. Each atom represents one component of your section.  Hover over the atom and click on the Eye icon to hide/show the atom then.


To edit each component inside your Feature section, click on the atom to reveal the configuration on the left sidebar.



Since the data of your Blog posts will be pulled from your Shopify Admin, the Item Title, Item Short Content, and Item Image should be edited from Shopify Admin > Online Store > Blog posts.



That's it! In case you have any difficulty taking these actions, please let us know directly via email & live chat to have them answered!

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