How EcomSolid Theme works with GemPages

How EcomSolid Theme works with GemPages?

With ultimate control and unlimited options, EcomSolid Theme gives you the power to bring your ideas to life. It is a single Shopify theme that can be configured in a countless number of ways, thanks to multiple layouts and section options. More than that, EcomSolid Theme is designed with a bundle of sales-booster addons that optimize your conversion rate and take your sales to the next level. It’s optimized to combine with GemPages in one vision to become the best storefront design stack for Shopify entrepreneurs. So, basically: 

EcomSolid = Shopify Theme that helps to set up all major pages of your store, define global styles, typography, and, specifically, it provides with conversation optimized add-ons that bring better buying experience to your store. 

GemPages = Page Builder, that helps to design a very custom pages or landing pages for your marketing campaigns. GemPages works on top of the EcomSolid theme and inherits all the global styles that are defined by EcomSolid Theme. 


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