Introduction to the Dashboard

dashboard overview


Welcome to EcomSolid Dashboard.

This article will guide new users on their first time experience with EcomSolid. Knowing what's inside your dashboard is the first basic step to get intouch with all designs and management features of EcomSolid. 


EcomSolid Dashboard has 2 main sections

   Side Panel
   Preview Section

2 main sections side panel and preview section

Side Panel


get notified about new feature releases, latest themes and important updates


notification at side panel


where you can back and forth to get to the panel and design editor



access to beautiful templates inventory that EcomSolid has tailored for you to decorate your store in one click. Explore every template at Templates Introduction

all templates at different devices


  Theme Editor

customize Header, Main, Footer by drag and drop design elements, choose layout, spacing and colors.


access to the theme editor


Preview on large screen desktop, small screen, tablet, live. Then you can save and publish live by clicking the purple button.



  Page Manager

create new page, such as Policy or specified landing page for promotional events or sale campaign that need to be track by monitoring tools (mailchimp, thrivelead, etc).


page manager dashboard

  Theme Settings

here you can change the favicon, browse tab color on mobile, add code in the header like Google Analytics


theme settings from dashboard



  Earn Rewards

just one easy click and you will earn rewards when spearding our generated referral link. get your friends experience the same high quality shopweb designs like you!


get rewarded for inviting your friend to join EcomSolid


  My Backup

a place designed to save add ons stuffs and back up any page you maylike before trying a new A/B design - or add-ons testing.


share your templates


  Upgrade Plan

find out the difference between EcomSolid plans that are offered to you in a dedicate comparison table. by selecting professional and premium plans, you will be redirected to Shopify dashboard to review your billings by payment methods and bills (which is 30-day cycle) and get a quick finance overview.

a FAQs sections are compiled for policy to downgrade and refund, and the longevity of Free plan - also saying why you should choose professional plan for your store.

Check it out:


Setting preview your Store, Update your store name as well as email address, language and phone number.


Preview Sections

 Live Theme

On top of the preview sections, there will be a small glance at how your theme look like.


live theme

  Theme Library

This interesting feature allows you to keep on designing on any template and saves as independent versions. 

For each editable version, you will be able to get a quick command of preview/ rename/ duplicate/ export in the Action dropdown menu, or click Customize to be redirected to the Theme Editor. Create New Templates to start creating with a new template in the template inventory. 


create new theme at theme library


we compiled some useful tips to Launch your store quickly or you can request support in live chat or help desk by clicking the right box.



  New add-ons

a quick add-ons dashboard of over add-ons (or mini apps) that are free and bundle in quantity that saves up your money instead of having to install external apps,

Mostly which to raise sales and conversion rates but also other design and supplementary functions for your store.


all add-ons at a glance

In a nutshell

That's the end of the Dashboard guide & go. We will comeback with a video tutorial for dashboard soon. 

Next step, you woul love to learn all stunning templates inventory in EcomSolid!. Click here to see the article.

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