How to create a Contact Page

To create a contact us page on EcomSolid, you will need to use the Page Manager feature located on your dashboard.

Creating a Contact Page

Step 1: On your Ecomsolid's Dashboard, click on page manager on your left sidebar to open the section dedicated to custom pages.

Step 2: Click on create a new page, enter your page name and the page will be created. Click on it and you will be redirected to our visual editor. 

Step 3: You can now enjoy a new page, already integrating your header & footer. 

Step 4: Now you can play with it, and add some sections & presets.

Let's add a contact form. In order to do that, open the Library on top of your page and search for a contact form on the search bar. 



Step 5: When you are done setting up your page you can publish it. 

Next, we will see how you can link this page from elements already on your website. 

Linking Your Contact Page To Your Menu

Step 1: after you're done publishing your new page, go back to your dashboard and click on "Customize" or "Theme Editor". 

Step 2: Locate your menu inside the "Header" section, and scroll down on your left sidebar until you find "Edit Menu 2". 

Step 3: Open it and locate "Contact Us". Click on the "Settings" icon next to it and you will be able to pick a link. 

Step 4: Scroll down until you reach the corresponding page name, add it and press save.

Step 5: Make sure the link is correct and press save one more time. You can now update live so all the settings are updated. 

Now go back to your live homepage and click on contact us to make sure the link is correct and everything is working properly. 

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