How to create About Us and Contact Us pages




This article will explain to you what the About Us and Contact Us are, what purposes they serve, and guide you through the steps to create one in under 5 minutes using EcomSolid!


What are the About Us and Contact Us pages?

Both About Us and Contact Us are stand-alone pages meant to serve their own purposes and are commonly used by all types of businesses.

About Us: The first and foremost purpose of the About Us page is to inform viewers about your business and its operations. By opening up and telling your story, you take one step closer to gaining readers’ trust and increasing the chance of converting them into customers.

Not only that, when used strategically, the About Us page can be a powerful marketing tool, helping entice potential customers with both historical and aspirational stories, all while adding a touch of human interaction.

Contact Us: This page usually includes a web form that allows users to submit a contact request to the site owner. It typically contains input fields for name, address, email address, and a message field. 

Not only do contact forms provide a convenient way for shoppers to get in touch with you, but they also serve marketing purposes, such as generating more leads, filtering quality traffics, offering support at the right place and the right time, and growing your customer base.

In EcomSolid, both the About Us and Contact Us pages can be designed using the Landing page and then linked to your store navigation. We’ll walk you through the steps in the next section.

Create an About Us/Contact Us page in EcomSolid

Step 1: Head over to the EcomSolid Dashboard and select the Pages tab.

Step 2: On the right panel, click on “Landing Page” to quickly create a new Landing page.

Step 3: At this step, you can choose one of your existing templates, or select our prebuilt templates. You can also choose New Blank Page to create a page from scratch.


Step 4: Enter a name for the page and select to show the header and footer and hit “Create landing page”.


For the About Us and Contact Us page, it’s recommended that you enable the top and bottom navigation menus (i.e. the header and the footer).

Step 5: Inside the page select the Library and type in “Contact Us” or “About Us”, you’ll see our prebuilt sections that are live-page-read and can be inserted to use with no further configurations. 


If you choose to customize the sections, you still have full access to the left sidebar for configurations. 


*Turn on the Advanced Mode for more granular control!


When you are happy with the result, hit “Save” and “Preview” for one final check.

Finally, hit “Publish Page”, then “Yes, Publish” for EcomSolid to render all the changes and push the update to your front store!

More articles to help you master EcomSolid can be found here. Should you require any further assistance, please contact our EcomSolid Support Team.

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