How to create a collection page with EcomSolid

This article will help you use EcomSolid to create a high-converting collection page in minutes.

What is a collection page?

A Collection page is a page on an eCommerce site that lists down the product within a collection. Visitors can browse the collection page to see the collection items, then click through to explore a specific product.

Create a new collection

Before we start building a collection page, you will need to create a collection from your Shopify Admin first since EcomSolid will pull the collection information there. 


Step 1: From your Shopify Admin, go to Products > Collections. Click on “Create collection”



Step 2: Input a title and description for the collection. In the Collection type section, click Manual.



Hit “Save” when finished. 


Step 3: Navigate to the Products section and locate your preferred product. Add the collection for the product. 



Hit “Save” when finished. 

How to create a collection page

With EcomSolid, you will have two options to customise your collection page: using Theme Builder and Page Builder. To create a template that can be applied to all the collections on your Shopify store, please use Theme Builder. Besides, you can consider using GemPages Page Builder to design a template applied for a specific collection.


Using Theme Builder

Step 1: From your EcomSolid Dashboard, select “Theme Editor” from the left sidebar. 



Step 2: After that, you will be directed to the Theme Editor page. Click on the dropdown menu from the top bar and select “Collection page”.


Using Page Builder

Step 1: Go to the Ecomsolid Dashboard > Pages > Collection Pages; select "Create New Page" in the top right corner.



Step 2: Next, use the search bar or choose a collection from the list to assign to your new collection page.



You might see the Designed label next to the collection name, which means the collection has been assigned to another page previously. If you select them, you will receive an error message “The object is already in use. Please select another object.” 


Step 3:  After that, you will have two options: Select a template and hit “Choose template”, or start editing from a blank page.



Step 4: Input the Page Title and Page Handle in the respective fields. Check the box Enable Theme Header & Footer to include the Header and Footer of your theme on the collection page.



Hit “Create collection page” when finished.

Recommended sections for the collection pages

From the top bar of the Editor Page, select “Library”. The Library gives you all the essentials to design a page from scratch, including various sections and add-ons. 



Locate your preferred section/add-on and hit "Insert" to add it to your Editor. 


EcomSolid includes a Banner section with various types of banners that can be used for your collection page. It's a great way to catch people's attention or keep them up to date on your promotion or any announcement.



Consider the "Collection" and "Collection Home" sections for the collection page, which allow you to showcase a list of collections.



Featured Collection

The Featured Collection section will help you demonstrate a collection of products on your page. This section draws information from your Shopify collection created previously to show on your collection pages. 



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Should you require any further assistance, please contact our EcomSolid Support Team. We can be reached at any time via email or live chat.

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