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When it comes to building and designing your website, the design template is one of the most important parts which needs to be chosen carefully due to the areas of the business. EcomSolid built various templates that can easily customize for each purpose. We will help you choose the right templates to completely match your business.


Solid Brush

Featuring a popular palette often used in healthcare themes, which are blue, mint, and white, Solid Brush is crediting for medical business relating smile care services. 


If you prioritize cleanliness, neatness, before and after image, it's friendly enough to get you done right away. 


Solid brush template


Solid Fashion

Solid Fashion is a tailored template for women's fashion & accessories. It comes up with a Homepage, Shop, Return & Refund, Track Your Order Page, and fully covers in need features such as Cart, Shipping, and Payment for any online stores.

If you have a fashion store, Solid Fashion is the right choice for you. This theme is very appealing with a brand-new look, neutral palette, and breezy vibes that are well designed in a comprehensively clean language.



Solid Fashion in tablet

Solid Kid

Solid Kid theme is designed for children's products or activities. It is ideal for online businesses that sell children's clothing, toys, games, or other children-oriented products.

There's a lot in this highly functional theme. Some of the cool ones are a unique Homepage, a well-designed Shop, optimized Return & Refund, a detailed Track Your Order Page with the fastest page load time, and easy customization.


Solid Kid responsive

Solid Organic

Solid Organic Theme provides responsive Shopify themes and powerful tools optimized for organic & natural stores. It is clean, modern, functional, and easy-to-use that has been purposely built for healthy food & agricultural websites, or marketplaces full of veggies.

Looking at Solid Organic Theme, you will be impressed with the beautiful design, simple setup. It even can be used for multi-relating purposes because it's dynamic and can be changed to suit what the website needs.


See full demos at Solid Organic Website


commercial Solid organic


Solid Eye

Solid Eye Theme is a clean and professional Eye Shopify Theme. Solid Eye is very good for Optometrist, Eye Care, Glasses, or eye-relating products. It is powered by Theme Editor and Theme Setting, so the drag-and-drop feature will be very handy to customize the page layout as you want.

The Solid Eye menu is an awesome feature that has nice, beautiful, and professional layouts. This theme is made for any search engine, SEO compatible so it’s totally responsive. 


See demo store at Solid Eye Demo Store


Solid Eye template


Megan Bebas

Megan Bebas Theme is a modern outdoor Shopify Theme that brings unique design for Homepage, Catalog page, Sales page, and other useful pages such as Crazy Offers, Blog, Contact page … This theme fits with multi types of open-air business such as outdoor activities, camping, trekking or clothing sport, hunting shop, …

Using Megan Bebas Theme, you can build a beautiful outdoor shop that is easy to import all content & layouts. Users can add, edit content and layout for websites by dragging and dropping elements. With an awesome design, Megan Bebas Theme’s appearance and performance look amazing on any screen like desktop, MacBook, mobile phone, or tablets,...

Megan bebas EcomSolid


Megan Bebas V1

Megan Bebas V1 is the other choice for your outdoor & travel store which will provide a different design of Homepage, Catalog page, Sales page, Crazy Offers, Blog, and Contact page. It comes with a flexible setting and a number of excellent features.

Megan Bebas V1 navigation makes this theme super-plain and easy-to-use. It is an extraordinary theme that is easy to get lots of mobile traffic and helps clients to take joy in exploring the content. Its lovely design will also help establish trustworthy relationships with the audience. 


megan bebas v1 templates EcomSolid

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