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What is a theme?

When you open a Shopify store, you need to run it on a theme. A theme controls all the basic functionalities, as well as determines your store’s look and feel. For example, the header/footer, sections, and the buttons’ appearance are dictated by the theme. Some themes even offer special functionalities to improve the shopping experience, such as the slide-out cart page (cart drawer).

All EcomSolid themes are 100% compatible with the Cart drawer add-on, so you can take advantage of the design regardless of which EcomSolid theme you use.


How to access the theme library

Prebuilt theme templates are only available for the Growth, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. Visit our Plans & Pricing for more details.

Go to EcomSolid Dashboard > Theme > Templates > EcomSolid Themes, all available theme templates are stored here. You can browse through all 6 themes by clicking “Preview”, to select a theme and start using it, click on the “Install” button.

You can install up to 6 themes at a time (1 active theme and 5 draft themes). When this number is reached, you will not be able to install more themes. If this happens, remove unused themes to continue installing new ones.

All EcomSolid themes are 100% responsive and will look good on all devices. Additionally, the Theme library is constantly being updated to bring you more stunning prebuilt themes. 


Let’s take a deep dive into each theme in the next sections.


Solid Brush

Solid Brush is a single-product theme designed for personal hygiene and healthcare stores. The template takes advantage of the blue, mint, and white color combo to bring a sense of cleanliness, and neatness to your store.


Solid Brush theme template


Solid Fashion

Solid Fashion is ideal for stores that sell women’s fashion & accessories products. The theme comes with a Homepage, Shop, Return & Refund, Track Your Order, Cart, and Checkout Page.

The main colors of the theme consist of different neutral shades of pink (watermelon, punch, lemonade), soft black, and green - all handpicked by our Design team to create a breezy, mellow vibe.


Solid Fashion theme template


Solid Kid

If you plan to sell children-oriented products, Solid Kid is your go-to. This theme was created using all bright and bold, high contrast color combos such as purple and yellow, white and green. Solid Kid is also optimized to have the fastest loading speed and easy customization.


Solid Kid theme template


Solid Organic

Another single-product theme packed with powerful optimization tools, designed for organic and beauty products. The theme looks minimal, modern, and gives out a transparent vibe by using the bright matcha green as the theme color in combination with the parallax background.

If you sell healthy food or organic products in general, check out Solid Organic.


Solid Organic theme template


Solid Eye

Unlike other themes, Solid Eye takes a step back on the colors to allow for stunning product images to shine through. If you prefer a minimalistic design, where the attention-grabbing factor is spent on product descriptions and images, give Solid Eye a look (no pun intended).

The main colors are white and just white, so you have more room for customization, or focus on product media.


Solid Eye theme template


Megan Bebas

For merchants who fancy selling outdoor products, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Megan BeBas theme. This theme is designed with outdoor activities in mind and fits perfectly with open-air work such as camping, trekking or clothing sport, hunting shop, and so on.


Megan Bebas theme template



And there you have it! Read more of our articles here. Should you need any further information, please contact our EcomSolid Support Team via email or live chat.


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