How to change Section Presets


This article will guide you through the steps to change a section’s preset and add or remove a section in the EcomSolid Editor.


What is Section presets?

Every page created by EcomSolid is composed of a list of vertically stacked sections on top of one another. Section presets are pre-designed sections that allow you to effortlessly speed up your page-building process, so you can spend less time building a page and more time maximizing your revenue!


How to change your Section preset

Step 1: Go to your EcomSolid Dashboard and hit the “Customize” button to enter your Theme Editor.

Step 2: In the Editor, click on any section, you’ll see the Current Preset zone on the left sidebar. The Current Preset zone displays the section’s currently selected preset.

To browse the library of presets for that specific section, hit “Explore” or directly click on the preview window.

In the example below, we’ll use the Hero Banner section.


Step 3: A new Select Preset panel appears, scroll down to go through the options. Once you’ve spotted the one you like, hit “Try this preset” and then “Switch” to apply the new preset to your section. Otherwise, “Cancel” to abort.

After a few seconds, the new preset will be applied to your section.


Add, remove, or rearrange a section

Add a new section

There are two ways to add a new section to your page.


Insert a new section between two existing ones

Whenever you hover over a section, you’ll notice there are always two “+” buttons on that section.


Click on either the upper or lower “+” buttons to insert a new section in between the original section and the one above or underneath it, respectively.


Add a new section to the bottom of the page

Step 1: Locate the Library button on the topbar and open the Library.

Step 2: Select from the list the type of section you want to add.

Step 3: Browse through the selection and when you see the one you like, hit “Insert”.


After a split second, the section will be inserted to the bottom of the page.


Remove a section

Two ways to remove a section in the EcomSolid Editor.


In the editing panel

Step 1: In the editing panel, click on the section you would like to remove, a purple toolbar will popup next to the section’s label.

Step 2: Hit the Trash icon.

Step 3: Hit “Delete” to complete the action and remove the section from the page. Otherwise, hit “Cancel” to abort.


In the left sidebar

Step 1: On the left sidebar, hit the Back button exit out of your currently selected section

Step 2: Scroll down and hover over the section you would like to remove. The section will be highlighted in the editing panel


Step 3: Click on the 3-dot button to bring up more options, select “Delete

Step 4: Confirm the action by hitting "Delete" and remove the section from the page. Otherwise, hit “Cancel” to abort.


Rearrange sections

To rearrange a section, simply use the left sidebar to drag and drop its label to a new position in the list, and the change will apply to the section on the page.


You can also use the arrow buttons to move sections up or down

And there you have it! Just a few minutes to learn how to take full advantage of prebuilt Section presets will save you a lot of editing time, while still guaranteeing the outcome of a stunning online store that requires absolutely no coding!

For any further assistance you need, our EcomSolid Support Team is always here to help. We can be reached at any time via email or live chat.


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