How to change Section Presets

Introducing "Section Presets"

Section Presets are sections we have developed that you can easily drag & drop to your website to create a page in just minutes. Forget the hassle of assembling everything together, it's already done! 

Let's build a contact page to see the power of this feature: 


Step 1: Reach out to the visual editor and on top of your page, click on the dropdown page menu and select the contact page. 

Step 2: Let's delete all the content we already have and start from scratch. 


Step 3: On top of your page, click on "Library". This will open all the elements and section presets you can use inside EcomSolid. 

Step 4: We need to start with a header, luckily the "Library" opens directly on the "Header" section presets, let's choose one and press on insert. 

Step 5: Now we need a contact form. Re-open the "Library", Locate "Contact" and click on it to open all the contact form presets available. Make your choice and add it to the page. 

Step 6: Let's add a footer and our page will be ready to go. Locate "Footer" in the "Library", choose your favorite preset, and add it to the page. 

Our contact page is now fully functional and ready to be published. Make some last tweaks and adjustments on your left sidebar if needed and press publish on the top right when you're ready.


Changing Your Section Presets

If, for any reason, you want to change the section preset you have selected, it will take you less than one minute. Just follow these simple steps below.

Step 1: Click on the section preset you would like to change (in this case, we will change our header) 

Step 2: On your left sidebar, you will see on top a section called "Current Preset" with a preview of the preset you are using. Click on it to open all the presets available for the same section, and update it according to the one you prefer. 

If you are looking to remove a section, please follow this tutorial: Removing / Adding Sections


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