How to change the logo size in the header section

Changing the size of your logo

Follow these simple steps if you are looking to adjust the size of your logo: 


1st step: On EcomSolid's Dashboard, click on "Customize" on the top right corner or click on "Theme Editor" on your left sidebar. 



2nd step: Once you are in your Theme Editor, simply click on the header section that you can find either by clicking on it on the visual editor (a little blue pop up will show "Header" if you have chosen the right section) or on your Sections Manager located on your left sidebar. 



3rd step: Your left sidebar will now show all the settings and options you have for your "Header" section. It will automatically show you the "Content" tab first, so just click on the "Design" tab next to it. 



4th step: Whether you enabled the sticky header option or not won't have an impact on your logo height. 


Scroll down on the design tab until you reach the "Logo Height" section.


Adjust it to your needs so it looks beautiful on your website and you're ready to go! 

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