How to use the Browser Tab Notification

Whenever a customer who still has items in the cart navigates away from your store, it is a warning sign that you might lose that customer. Adding Brower Tab Notifications Add-on, you can decrease the number of abandoned carts and incomplete orders by changing your store favicon. It makes your customers come back and increase the likelihood of a purchase. 

Setting Up Shipping Time Add-On

Step 1: Reach to the Ecomsolid theme editor and open the “Library” on top of your page.

Step 2: Click on “Add-ons”, scroll down until you locate our Browser Tab Notification add-on. Click on “Add” to insert it. 

Customizing The Add-On

1. There are four options for you to display your browser tab notification, including:

  • Entire Site: The notification shows up on every page of your website 
  • Cart Page: The notification only shows up on your cart page
  • Product Page & Collection Page: The notification only shows up on your product page and collection page
  • Search Page: The notification only shows up on your search page

You can easily turn on/ turn off these option by clicking on the button next to it (on your left sidebar)

2. In each option, you can customize several things:

  • The animation: Blinking/ Typed/ None
  • The primary text
  • The secondary text
  • Icon: You can click here to upload the icon you want

If you are not sure about the display of the browser tab notification, you can click on the “Save” button, then the “Preview” button on the top of your page to see how it looks like. Then, if you are not happy with your add-on set up, you can always come back to customize it again. 





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