How to use the Advanced Mode

In this article, we will show you how amazing the Advanced mode setting brings to your theme.

1. What is the advanced mode?

Advanced Mode is a feature-rich which displays all of the features available in the template making it possible to change almost any aspect of the theme. We strongly recommend Advanced Mode to start your project for people who want to create websites with complex design. 


Attention: Advanced mode is only available for Professional and Premium plans.

2. How to use Advanced mode?

To use Advanced Mode, You should follow 2 steps below.


  • Step 1: From the top right of the editor, select the icon beside Publish Theme/Update Live to open the Actions box. 



  • Step 2: Select Advanced Mode to turn it from “Advanced Mode: OFF” to “Advanced Mode: ON



3. What makes Advanced mode become “advanced”?

Advanced mode lets you see all the structure of the section in the sidebar and the most powerful is you can change the atom position by drag and drop  (atom is the smallest particle of element that can exist in your page, such as text, button, icon, image, etc).  Here is different 




In basic mode (Advanced Mode: OFF), you can easily change a basic setting like content, typography, background of atom. Advanced mode will show Spacing settings (including padding and margin) in all atoms and more settings depending on each atom.


For example, here are some advanced settings in Atom text, Atom button, and Atom box.

3.1 Atom Text

You can have some more settings in Advanced mode: Text shadow,  Border style, and Border Direction.

3.2 Atom Button 

Advanced mode allows you to edit more settings of button including button size, button display, and many more settings for icon like icon background color/hover, icon border width/ border color/ border-radius, etc.


3.3 Atom box

The border-box which includes border-radius, border width, border color, etc...  is only shown in Advanced mode.


And many more settings only show once Advanced Mode on. If you can’t find the setting you want, why don't you try to turn Advanced mode on?

In case you need further assistance with this feature, please feel welcome to contact us by email or live chat. We will be happy to help you.

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