Introduction to Add-ons


This article will explain to you what an add-on is, how you can install one, and go over the entire add-on library in EcomSolid.


What Are Add-ons?

In EcomSolid, add-ons are extensions that can be installed for extra functionalities or to further customize a section. The library of add-ons has a wide range of selections and is constantly updated with new features that are not yet available in Shopify. You can display quantity discounts to boost sales, showcase real reviews from customers from your favorite third-party apps, and even enable the sticky Add To Cart and slide-out cart drawer by add-ons.


Some add-ons are only available in the Growth plan, indicated by the “PRO” tag. See our comparison table for more details.



How to install an add-on

Step 1: Head over to the EcomSolid Dashboard and enter the Editor.



Step 2: Open the Library and switch to the “Add-ons” tab.



Step 3: Search for the add-on you need or browse through the library. 


Step 4: When you find the add-on, hit “Add” to install the add-on


Depending on the specific add-on, it can be relocated using the target icon
Regarding the Pro add-ons, you still can add them to your Editor page if you're under a Free plan. However, they won't be visible on the live store after you publish the page. 

Add-on Categories

There are two types of add-ons: Page Add-ons and Global Add-ons.

  • Page Add-ons works only on the selected page.
  • Global Add-ons works on all pages of your store.
You can move any add-ons from page to global, and vice-versa.

Add-ons are divided into several categories based on their functionality: Sales and conversion, Countdown, Trust and security, Third party, and Default.


Sales And Conversion

1. Upsell Quantity Discounts


Design and display an incentive section to encourage customers to buy more using the Upsell Quantity Discounts add-on.
See this article for detailed instructions on how to use the add-on.


2. Sticky Add to Cart


This add-on helps display a sticky product details section on the page, so visitors are constantly reminded of the production, and increasing your chances of successful conversion.
The add-on is fully customizable and you can decide which information to show on the sticky bar, from product information, variant/quantity selector, Add To Cart button, etc.

3. Browser Tab Notifications 


With the Browser Tab Notifications Add-on, you can decrease the number of abandoned carts and incomplete orders by changing your store favicon.

The key features are: 

  • Change your favicon and the title on the pages you need: cart, product, collection, search, etc.
  • Upload your own favicon
  • Choose between different effects (Blink, or Type)
  • Customize the title depending on the message you want to send your customers.


4. Frequently Bought Together 


With Frequently Bought Together, you can enable visitors to buy related products with one single click, effectively increasing orders’ revenue. 

Key features:

  • Display discounts directly on the cart page. (No other applications on Shopify can do this)
  • Customize the display position.
  • Disable the "out of stock" message.
  • Allows customers to choose which items they can additionally buy and not all of them at the same time.


5. Auto Currency Converter


The currency app is a must-have feature for any shop owners who are planning to reach multi-nations outside the United States and broaden their businesses. Giving customers the price in their own currencies saves them time to make the conversion, thus leading to a higher conversion rate.
Sell internationally with the Auto Currency Converter add-on. Providing customers the price in their own currency saves time and increases customer satisfaction, thus increasing your conversion rate. Features like this used to require third-party solutions, but not with EcomSolid.

Key features:

  • Automatically convert any currencies based on the customers’ location.
  • Easily customizable - Make it round, square, dark, transparent, and adjust it to your taste!
  • Choose the currencies you want to make available for your customers.
  • Flexible display position


6. Cart Drawer 


Having a slide-out cart means customers do not have to leave the page, this creates a seamless shopping experience and improves customers satisfaction. Plus, the cart drawer add-on is fully customizable so you can display upsell announcements as needed to further boost conversion.

Key Features:

  • Control settings, colors, or text: cart, product, price, reward, or announcement.
  • The direct checkout button helps your customers checkout quickly from any page.
  • Easy cart management keeps customers’ focus on your cart and helps prevent losing orders.
  • Allow for easier cart update (add/remove items).



1. Sticky Countdown Timer


Taking full advantage of FOMO (Fear of missing out), the Sticky Countdown Timer add-on can help you create discount events or plan an announcement. Stick it to the top of your page and grab the attention of your visitors.
Key Features:

  • Schedule display time.
  • Choose from various templates.
  • Choose to have a colored background, or use an image as a background.


2. Countdown Timer


Urge your customers to make the purchase before a product becomes out-of-stock.


Key Features:

  • Schedule display time.
  • Customize the countdown time for each of your products.
  • Choose from various countdown styles.
  • Position the countdown anywhere you want on the page.


3. Cart Countdown Timer


The Cart Countdown Timer add-on encourages customers to make the purchase by creating a strong sense of urgency & scarcity for your products, using a countdown timer bar on the cart page. This add-on is for the Cart page only.


Key Features:

  • Position the add-on anywhere on the page.
  • Choose from various countdown styles.
  • Choose to have a colored background, or use an image as a background.

Check out this article for more instructions on all 3 countdown timer add-ons.


Trust and security

EU Cookie Bar


The EU Cookies & Consent Banner Add-on provides everything you need to make sure your website is GDPR compliant.


Key Features:

  • Flexible display position (Can be displayed at the top or the bottom of your store)
  • Customize style using the sidebar controls.



Third-party add-ons are popular Shopify apps that provide your store with additional functionalities. These apps are seamlessly integrated into EcomSolid, so users can easily add them to their stores without coding.


EcomSolid third-party add-ons

Areviews - Reviews Importer

Areviews turns visitors into buyers by filling your website with real reviews and images, from Aliexpress, Amazon, and Shein - matching with the products you sell.  

Wide Bundle

WideBundle takes care of modifying how your variants appear and proposes irresistible offers to customers. Reviews displays impactful content to your customers throughout their buying journey. The app is a highly-rated customer marketing platform built specifically for Shopify, with more than 3,000 reviews.


Vitals is a single lightweight app that houses 40+ commonly used functions that help decrease your page load time and increase conversion rates. Its functions include Product Reviews, Currency Converter, Wheel of Fortune, Product Bundles, Volume Discount, Visitor Replays, Pre-Orders, and so on.

Loox (Star Badge & Reviews)

Set up Loox’s Star Ratings Badge add-on on your product and collection pages to help visitors quickly assess your products. It’s also a good way to add relevant social proof to improve conversion rates.

Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo Reviews is the leading eCommerce marketing platform and the official Shopify Plus Technology Partner. With this app, you can easily display the star ratings badge and review widget on your product and/or collection page.

Rivyo Reviews

Almost 99% of consumers make their decision after reading online reviews. Rivyo app is built with amazing features to boost sales and improve customers’ shopping experience. 

Product Reviews

Shopify Product Reviews allows you to add a customer review feature to your products with videos and Q&A. Boost engagement and conversions better with Product Reviews’ app format.

Ryviu Reviews

Ryviu drives more traffic to your store and increases your SEO rank & sales by displaying product reviews with photos and Q&A on any page.

Opinew Reviews

Opinew is a 1-click review importer from popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay. Build trust with Opinew’s user-generated content (photo and video reviews).


Click here to read on how to add this add-on to your store.


Ali Reviews (Review Widget)

Ali Reviews is a powerful product review app on Shopify. EcomSolid integrates seamlessly with Ali Reviews, allowing store owners to add the AliExpress Product Reviews app to their stores without touching code.

Click here to read on how to add this add-on to your store.

Loox (Carousel Widget)

Set up Loox’s Review Widget add-on on your product and collection page to collect and show product reviews. A must-have widget for store owners who want to offer a good evaluation of their product as well as additional valuable information to customers.


Click here to read on how to add this add-on to your store.

LAI AliExpress Reviews

LAI AliExpress Reviews is a part of the Best Shopify Apps collection curated by EcomSolid. The app imports reviews from other apps such as  AliExpress, Orbelo, Loox, Yotpo,,, and more.

Tabs By Station

Tabs By Station lets you create beautiful and fully customizable tabs for your product descriptions. You can easily add the app to your own store without touching code. Reviews

Collect and display ratings & reviews about your products and Shopify store with Reviews. Increase conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement by leveraging your user-generated content.


Click here to read on how to add this add-on to your store.



1. Variants Style


Help you create better and more clear product presentations. See this article for detailed guidance.


2. Shipping Time


Let your customers know in advance when they can expect to receive your products. See this article for detailed guidance.


3. Dynamic Checkout Button


Allow customers to quickly buy the product they are viewing with their preferable paying method.



4. Custom Code


Add any HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Liquid codes directly into your store’s layout and see the output of your code in real-time.



5. Custom Image


Add images into any position of your pages to make them more engaging. See this article for more details.


6. Custom Text


Add any custom text (product info, banner heading, and so on) into any position of your pages. Design your website easier with the support of our powerful text editor.


7. Facebook Messenger Live Chat


Allow instant communication between you and your customers via Facebook. See this article for more information.


8. Product Size Chart


Offer professional size charts for your customers to make informed purchases. See this article for more details.



9. Accordion


Accordion add-on


Organize and display information neatly for customers to click on and explore.

10. Anti Copy & Spy


Anti Copy & Spy protects your resources and privacy by making sure visitors are not able to steal anything (images, content, theme, and code) from your website.


And there you have it! EcomSolid is truly the ultimate package to help you get your store up and running in the least amount of time, letting you focus on other aspects of your business.

Should you require any further assistance, our EcomSolid Support Team is here to help. We can be reached via email or live chat.




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