How to add watermarks to your store


This article will give you a few recommendations for third-party integrations with EcomSolid to watermark your images.


EcomSolid makes it easy for you to integrate third-party apps to help with watermarking your images. Below are some of our recommendations.


Easy Watermarks: As the name suggests, this app is easy to use with a user-friendly interface and fast processing speed. Easy Watermarks can also be used to add stickers or logos to your images. The app comes with a free plan for basic use, a one-time payment to watermark your entire media library, and 3 paid plans. Even the paid plans are one of the lowest prices on the App Store for bulk editing


Super Watermarks: Super Watermarks is an advanced but also easy-to-use watermark bulk editing application for your product images. It allows you to add highly configurable watermarks, logos, stickers, labels, badges, and frames to your products. The paid plans are a bit pricier than what Easy Watermarks offers, but the app also has a free version for people who want to run only one campaign at a time.


Image Optimizer & Watermark: With this app, automatic image compression and watermarks are processed in the background with no manual effort. With features like bulk processing and automatic optimization of new images, Image Optimizer and Watermark let you spend less time manually optimizing your images and focus on improving your business.


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