How to add the estimated Shipping Time

Using shipping time add-on is a good way to let your customers know in advance when they can expect to receive your products. 

Setting up Shipping Time Add-on

Step 1: Reach to the Ecomsolid theme editor and open the "Library" on top of your page.

Step 2: Click on "Add-ons", scroll down until you locate our shipping time add-on. Click on "Add" to insert it. 

Changing the position and customize the Add-on

Step 1: You can select the position from the dropdown menu on your left sidebar or click on "Change Position" below it. 

Step 2. Below the change position button, there are several general settings that you can customize:

  • Text
  • Date format
  • Minimum days
  • Maximum days

Everything is very easy to change. 

After you finish customizing, click on "Update Live" to save and publish your work. 

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