How to add products to your store


This article will guide you through the steps to add a new product to your store in Shopify.


EcomSolid helps build your store with unlimited customization for your theme and pages. Regarding the inventory preparation, this will have to be done via the Shopify Admin panel.

Step 1: Head over to Shopify Admin > Products > All Products and click on the green “Add Product” button at the upper right corner. 

If your inventory is empty, you will also see this button in the center of the panel.

Step 2: You’ll be greeted with the Add Product page, where you can set up and edit your product’s characteristics (i.e. Title, Description, Media, Quantity, etc.) 

Please check out this Shopify article for more detailed guidance on how to use all 

Step 3: When you have finished the setup process, hit “Save” to update and add the product to your Inventory.

With your products ready, it’s time to start designing your product page or your theme with EcomSolid!


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Use the Page Editor to create a single product page. If you want to create a product page that works for all of your products, please design using the Theme Editor.


For any further assistance you need, our EcomSolid Support Team is always here to help. We are available via email or live chat.

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