How to use the Product Size Chart Addon

By offering professional size charts for your customers, Product Size Chart is a powerful tool to improve your conversion and reduce your return rate due to product dissatisfaction such as incorrect size, lack of measurements...)

Setting up Product Size Chart Add-on

Step 1: Reach EcomSolid's theme editor and open the "Product Page" on the dropdown menu on top of your page. 

Product Size Chart Add-on only works on your product page. Therefore, you can not add it to any other page.

Step 2: Open the Library, click on Addons > "Default" and you will see our "Product Size Chart" Add-on.

Step 3: Insert it and click on "Edit Campaigns" on your left sidebar.

Creating a campaign

Step 1: After clicking on "Edit Campaigns", you click on the "Active" button to activate your new campaign, you can also change the name of it.

As you can see, in the "Campaign Type" section on the left of your page, there are two options for you:

  • All: The product size chart will be applied to all of your product pages. This option is suitable if you are running a one-product store.
  • Products: With this option, the product size chart will be applied to several products that you choose. You can easily pick some suitable products by clicking on the "Add Product" button

Step 2: Then, you can upload your own product size chart by clicking on the "Upload Image" section. Once you've done, click on the "Save" button to save your work. 

Changing the position and display of the add-on

Step 1: Select the position from the dropdown menu on your left sidebar or click on "Change Position" below it. 

Step 2: To change the display of this add-on, scroll down your left sidebar and you will see some features that you can customize

We have 3 options to display the add-on button:

  1. Inline: Show off your full product size chart image.
  2. Link: Show off the link of your image. If your customer clicks on it, a new tab showing your size chart will pop up. 
  3. Button: This option is similar to the 2nd one but in the form of a button.

After customizing, click on "Update Live" on the top of your page so that the product size chart add-on will be visible for your customers. 


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