How to add color swatches to your product

Unfortunately, EcomSolid currently does not provide any features related to Product Swatches. However, we can suggest several ways to make it happen:


1, Try Shopify tutorial on how you can add color swatches to products. This step-by-step instruction will add the swatches right into the theme of your store without installing a third-party app. But on the other hand, knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid is required. Consider using some apps below if you aren’t comfortable doing the steps in this tutorial.


2, Try some of Shopify’s apps:

  • Swatches by Webyze: The Swatches App is a very simple yet crucial app for any store that offers products available in different variant colors. The app basically replaces the regular drop-down menu of your color variants into elegant swatches. The app has several swatches styles that you can choose from to best fit your store image.
  • Product Colors: The Product Colors App lets you add color swatches to your Shopify products. The app doesn't use variants to create the colors, instead, you have to create your colors in separate products and the app will combine them with the swatches.

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